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Flavors of the Week – January 26th

Happy Friday! Here is our weekly series where we share some flavors that inspired us throughout the week. Hopefully we can whet your taste buds with some food for thought (too many clichés?).

Busy schedules meant we were on the go a lot this week and not cooking at home as much. It’s these kinds of weeks that I love to make batches of things at the start of the week – like grains, beans and roasted veggies – and then whip up one killer sauce to top everything with. Hellooooo chimichurri!

One super green condiment to add to all the things: on top of roasted cauliflower and potatoes and flank steak; mixed into scrambled eggs and spread on tortillas for breakfast tacos with a garlicky/cilantro kick; added to white beans and chopped raw veggies to top leafy greens in a salad; or to eat with a spoon (not really but I’m not above it – so delicious).

Chimichurri is super easy to make – handful of herbs, garlic, oil, acid – but I tend to revert to Jessica’s recipe on How Sweet Eats for a refresher. And I’m obnoxious and add coriander because I love to really go BIG on flavor.

With the cooler temperatures, I’m all about Ramen right now, too, and am on a quest to find the best in Denver. So far I’ve tried OTOTO, Osaka Ramen and Bones. Stay tuned for future rankings and results. Coming from Chicago, my bar is set pretty high…so I also want to try to make my own. This Spicy Kimchi Ramen from Shared Appetite caught my eye (love me some Kimchi and of course I’ve got gochugaru on hand). Plus bon appetit recently did a special issue about making favorite comfort foods at home and detailed ramen extensively – that will be a good resource. I’m also on the lookout for these Sun Noodle Ramen Noodles, to make my homemade ramen super authentic.

Some additional flavors I’m into this week include Aleppo Pepper (on everything I’d use Red Pepper Flakes for but particularly avocado toast); turmeric (in a golden tea courtesy of Heidi of 101 Cookbooks that I’ve been drinking to boost immunity); and smoked paprika (sprinkled on all of the veggies for roasting).

Cook and Tell!

As always, we’d love to see what you’re cooking and which spices you’re using right now. Share your food with us on Instagram or Twitter using #flavorfilledlife.


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